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Dr. Sandvall

One word explains Dr. Sandvall, AMAZING. I have been going to Dr. Sandvall for little over a year when needed. Last Christmas I was putting my Christmas tree up and the rest is history, I could not even put my socks on. After three treatment, I was amazed and of course icing my back several times a day. I have been to other Chiropractors before, but all they wanted to do is sell me a package plan $$$. Dr Sandvall get in tune with your body and treats the issue, he is worth ever penny. Oh buy the way, don't think he just works on your back, he has helped several of my friends issues.

Dr. Sandvall

I have been suffering with Myopathy in both feet for more than 7 years. I have had 5 doctors (MD, Podiatrist & Neurologist) examine me numerous times and finally the last three have agreed that 500units of Lyrica was my only hope to control and live with the pain. Dr Sandvall has been my chiropractor for more than 10 years, giving me spinal adjustments as needed and always fixing it with 1 or 2 treatments. On 1/3/12, I entered his office for an adjustment. I also received a Cold Laser treatement to my feet. Within 1 hour I was feeling relief, within 5 days I cut back to 250units of Lyrica and in the past 6 days I have WALKED 12.6 MILES! I have not been able to walk 1/2 block in more than 4 years! I got my 2nd treatment today and I am certain that following the good doctors recommendations my feet will just get better and better. Oh by the way, I am 66 years old. Cold Laser therapy is just fantastic!!

Dr. Sandvall

Excellent. Cannot say enough good things about him. I HIGHLY recommend him.

Dr. Sandvall

Really outstanding chiropractor and kinesiologist, PLUS, he has six cold lasers!!!!!! I am pain-free now.