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Auto Accident Injury Doctor Mansfield, Whiplash Treatment Arlington

Auto Accident Injury Doctors in Mansfield understands that one of the most common injuries stemming from an auto accident is whiplash (neck pain). Whiplash is caused when the head is suddenly “whipped” forwards and then backwards, which can be the cause of soreness, stiffness and extreme pain. More times than not whiplash occurs in a rear-end collision, but can happen in other accidents as well. Occasionally, if the whiplash is extremely violent, you can suffer a traumatic brain injury. Severe whiplash injuries can also cause nerve damage, skull fractures and hematomas.

It’s a fact that nearly two out of three of auto-accident victims suffer from headaches directly caused by whiplash. Because of the violence that occurs during jerking motion, your brain can literally bounce around inside your skull — which not only causes bruising in the brain, but is also a primary cause of headaches. While headaches come in various degrees of severity, headaches caused by whiplash are cause for alarm. Because concussions are such a common occurrences, in terms of whiplash, if you are in a car accident, you should be cared for before getting out of the vehicle – just to assess the damage.

Whiplash and neck pain can also be the foundation for other ailments that are directly caused by auto accidents. Ailments like pinched nerves can be created by a whiplash injury. When the head snaps back and forth, the nerves at the base of the neck can become damaged and block information flow to and from the brain. A whiplash injury is considered an injury that can lead to back pain, spinal cord pain, sciatica, slipped discs and other health issues.
Whiplash also occurs to athletes participating in assorted sports, especially when those sports are of a particular violent nature. In this case, treatment by one of our chiropractors would be an ideal move.

Our chiropractors at Whiplash Treatment Arlington make an assessment of a whiplash injury, and all the potential threats that stem from said injury; from spinal damage, back pain, pinched nerves, while also taking into account numbness or a tingling feeling. Any one of these scenarios is grounds for a thorough check-up by one of our staffed chiropractors. From there we then create a schedule where you can undergo realignment, massage therapy, and participate in exercises that loosen the tension and relaxes the sore and inflamed areas.

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