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Low Back Pain Chiropractor Ft. Worth, Accident Injury Treatment Arlington

You may have sustained severe damage to your musculoskeletal system if you’ve recently been in an auto accident. Some individuals may be familiar with the dangers of whiplash, but back injuries are also common, and can
have severe impacts on your overall health. There are generally two key types of back pain following an auto accident injury: acute and chronic back pain. Whether you are suffering from either, Low Back Pain Chiropractor Ft.
Worth can help relieve this pain and support your body’s natural healing process from the outside in.

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Acute back pain can be caused by a sudden, unexpected jolt sustained during a car accident. This jolt can cause minor to significant trauma to the musculoskeletal system. Soreness and stiff muscles, shooting pain the back, or an inability to stretch and stand comfortably are some of the symptoms of acute back pain. And while acute back pain can be very painful, with proper care, this pain should dissipate over time. Our chiropractors can provide immediate and drug-free relief to this pain. We use gentle, hands-on adjustment, which supports proper spinal alignment.
Therapies, including massage therapy, can release tension trapped deep within the muscles, helping with recovery.

Chronic back pain, unlike acute, will not heal itself with time. In fact, without proper back injury treatment, chronic pain will likely worsenand thus, further diminish your quality of life. A herniated disc, for example, is the most common cause for chronic back pain following a car accident injury. This disc misalignment occurs when the force of a car crash knocks the lumbar spine out of proper alignment. If a disc in the lower back compresses close
to nerves, this pressure triggers pain. Depending on the extent of disc compression, this pain may be limited to the lower back or may also be felt in the buttocks and legs.

If you are indeed suffering from chronic back pain, chiropractic care from Accident Injury Treatment Arlington is essential for treatment. Spinal adjustments help restore proper alignment to the spine and eliminate pain by relieving pressure on the nerves. And these chiropractic treatments, most importantly, address the underlying cause/s for your back pain, rather than simply covering up the pain with medication. And these procedures are also safe and a great alternative to risky, expensive surgeries.

Back pain doesn’t have to become chronic or life altering. But it can be painful and unhealthy. If you are suffering from pain for any reason, let the experienced chiropractors here at Low Back Pain Chiropractor Ft. Worth diagnose a proper treatment for you.

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